Improvements made in the 6th ward

While keeping taxes and fees down by voting against every tax and fee increase.

Street Improvements

1.4 miles of street improvements, a 161% increase over the previous alderman's 4 year term.

Sewer and Water

2.04 miles of sewer and water improvements, a 197% increase over the previous alderman's 4 year term.

Sidewalk Improvements

1.5 miles of sidewalk improvements, a 31% increase over the previous alderman's 4 year term.

Alley Improvements

.54 miles of alley improvements, an 85% increase over the previous alderman's 4 year term.

He has been an insightful, energetic, and a collaborative member of the city council and has a long record of contributions to the city and the 6th ward.
— Daily Herald



BILLBOARD AT MANNHEIM AND PRATT. Although we have made it very clear to the developer who wants to put a billboard at this location that we do not want such a billboard, he is insisting on bringing the issue to council. One of his big selling points is that his billboard will become part of a new development there, but we have seen no development proposal. Most of us believe that he either stretched the truth or worse yet lied about any kind of development to secure his billboard.

GAMING EXPANSION. I will be spending as much time as possible over the next two months in Springfield. The new Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will journey to Springfield next week to sell a Chicago Casino to legislative leadership. This does not bode well for us. Any kind of gaming expansion legislation would include not only a Casino in Chicago but one in Waukegan as well plus a provision allowing Arlington Race Track to operate a casino as well as possibly Maywood should it resume operations. Such a scenario would drastically reduce revenues we receive from Rivers Casino. One possible saving grace is that Chicago is still insisting that they own their casino, while the rest of the casinos in the state have private ownership. Legislators outside of Chicago do not like to make special laws for our largest city. This Chicago demand could hold up the entire gaming expansion legislation.